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Mirror therapy for the 21st century enabled by Prism Glasses.

Welcome to the Prism Glasses home page. The Prism Glasses are a medical device created to help treat patients suffering from phantom limb pain and help rehabilitation of patients following a stroke. The Prism Glasses also have applications in the treatment of visual neglect syndrome and other chronic pain conditions such complex regional pain syndrome.

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“…in 15 years of having amputation and trying every concealable way to try to stop or relieve the unbelievable phantom pain, this (using prism glasses) is the first time I have had any sort of relief”

“Encouraged & excited by intervention; boosted confidence & sense of satisfaction.”

(Feedback from users of Prism Glasses)


Commercial Opportunities

Commercial Opportunities are available to distributors with an existing physiotherapy and rehabilitation portfolio. For more information please contact Ed Staunton, Business Development Manager, by clicking here.

Mirror therapy and prism glasses may help:

  - Reduce the dependency on analgesics for pain, thus cost savings for NHS

  - Enhance rehabilitation of patients suffering hemiparesis; thus reduce visits to therapists thus costs savings to the NHS and help in reducing patient waiting times

"...patient suffered aTBI with left hemiparesis 4 years ago; we are seeing definite progress after 2 weeks…"

(Feedback from therapist)

  • Provides a large clear field of vision for lower limb and upper limb pain relief and rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation for patients with stroke, phantom limb pain, complex regional pain syndrome, visual neglect syndrome
  • Image is realistic and convincing
  • Sophisticated and effective mirror therapy
  • Makes people smile
  • Great pocket sized, portable mirror therapy for the 21st century
  • Lower limb pain and paralysis therapy is now possible with prism glasses
  • Allows visualisation of a wide range of movements thus improving treatment
  • Suitable for use at hospital and at home for left and right limb conditions
  • Safe and robust
  • Easy to use
  • Standardises mirror therapy
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